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Terms and conditions

By signing up for an AirPass account, I am representing and warranting to American that I am at least eighteen (18) years of age, and I am not a minor in the jurisdiction in which I reside or in the jurisdiction that would be deemed my domicile pursuant to any applicable law.

I understand that registering for an AirPass account requires that I have an active AAdvantage® account with American Airlines.

By adding members to an AirPass account, whether individually or via the bulk upload option, I am representing and warranting to American that (1) I have the express authorization from all individuals that are being added as members to this AirPass account to enroll them in this program, (2) to the extent that any disclosures to or approvals from any such individuals are required by applicable law so as to allow American to collect and process their personal information for the purpose of providing such services and related benefits under the AirPass program, that I have made such disclosures or obtained such approvals to the same extent that American does so under this website, and (3) that I have made any other disclosures and obtained any other approvals required by applicable law in connection with enrolling such individuals in this program and designating them to receive the services and related benefits from American. For more information about the collection and processing of personal information by American, please read our Privacy Policy .