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In addition to the reliability of fixed-rate fares, AirPass members receive enhanced travel flexibility and exclusive access to VIP amenities. With options for individuals, businesses and families, AirPass membership meets a variety of travel needs.

Is AirPass right for you?

AirPass membership is a great fit for discerning flyers with one or more of the following travel requirements:

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Books air travel last-minute

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Changes travel plans frequently, even on the day of travel

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Travels often and values confirmed premium seating at time of booking

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Wants cost certainty and predictability

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Values a VIP experience throughout the travel journey

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Occasionally travels with a colleague or companion

Types of AirPass memberships

Members enjoy the many benefits of AirPass from day one, including AAdvantage® status, Admirals Club membership, complimentary upgrades, expedited security lanes, mileage bonuses and more. Take a closer look at the annual AirPass membership options to find the AirPass that best suits your travel needs.


Corporate AirPass memberships are ideal for businesses with at least one employee who travels frequently, and often on a moment’s notice. They also appeal to discerning executives and road warriors who prefer an elevated travel experience, consistent flexibility and VIP benefits.

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With an investment of $10,000 in travel funds, individual travelers can enjoy AirPass membership. With companion travel benefits that enable the AirPass member to bring one companion with them per flight, individual memberships are ideal for any on-the-go traveler who often travels alone or with a friend or family member.

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Shared memberships are great for businesses that have two or more travelers who would benefit from fixed-rate fares and VIP amenities. Multiple travelers can enjoy AirPass and share travel funds between members with an investment of $10,000 in travel funds per member.

*Some benefits and fare classes may be limited or unavailable on flights operated by partner airlines

Unlocking AAdvantage® status

AirPass membership provides immediate complimentary AAdvantage® status based on your level of investment.

*AAdvantage® status is determined by annual AirPass agreement. Any status conferred to a member remains with that member through the AAdvantage® membership year as determined in the AirPass agreement.

Individual membership

With an individual AirPass membership, AAdvantage® status will be automatically applied on behalf of the member based on the level of investment.

Shared membership

With a shared AirPass membership, AAdvantage® status may be assigned to members by the primary travel manager based on the level of investment. For example, an investment of $30,000 for a shared membership with three members provides three possible options for allocating status: Executive Platinum status to one member, Platinum to one member and Gold to another, or Gold to all three.

Choose an AirPass membership

To help you find the right AirPass product, complete the following:

I need a solution for:

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Most of my flights are for:

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Most of my air travel is:

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Most of my air travel is:

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Most of my air travel is:

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You'd benefit from a shared AirPass membership

Shared AirPass memberships are ideal for two or more travelers who travel frequently and value the consistency of fixed-rate fares, full flexibility and VIP benefits. Travel funds are shared between all travelers when flights are booked. Click here to restart »

You'd benefit from an individual AirPass membership

Individual AirPass memberships are a great fit for road warriors or frequent travelers who are always on the go. With consistent fixed-rate fares, full flexibility and VIP benefits, individual memberships provide members with an elevated travel experience and exclusive access to travel funds. Click here to restart »

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